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Our Why

Our “Why” started school today.

One of thee biggest motivating factors for our decision to live a life of financial freedom is that bright beaming light you see above.

Very early in our relationship (I’m talking early teenage dating years), we discussed the topic of children and we were both on the same page with wanting to always be in a position to choose a private Christian education if we felt God leading us in that direction. Neither of us were privately educated; My husband was 100% publicly educated, and I have a public➡home-school➡public experience. Nor did we come from money; he was from lower middle class, I came from below poverty level. But we knew we didn’t want money (or the lack of it) to be the thing that prevented us from being able to partner with educators who were aligned with our values and who could support our journey in raising our family on a solid foundation of faith.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and you’ll arrive at today; the day we watched our daughter walk away from us and into her very first day of Kindergarten. We experienced total peace as we knew she was walking into the warmest, most loving, Christ-centered environment we could ever pray for. We’ve been a part of this amazing community for 4 years throughout our daycare/preschool years and we’ve had many “first days”, but today was different, today was the realization that we are exactly where those two teenagers hoped we’d be so many years ago.

Today, we could have said goodbye to tuition and hello to thousands of dollars to reallocate to other personal goals, investments, splurges, etc. but we embraced it instead. It’s an exercise in selflessness and sacrifice (because Lord knows there were some big splurges I considered). It is a choice that is right for our family for this season (and we fully intend to stay open to the Lord’s leading even if that means something different in the future). At the end of the day, it’s peace; and you can’t put a price on that.

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