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Money: Master or Servant?

I had an interaction yesterday that reminded me of this excellent quote:

"Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant." - - P.T. Barnum


I was chatting with a long time friend and fellow colleague whose position in our current organization is above mine and carries with it a six-figure salary. Her husband also earns a six-figure income. They should by all accounts be quite wealthy, and yet she shared countless examples of how they’re struggling and controlled by their money problems! As we chatted, she made the often heard comment: “we make way too much money to be this broke and feel this trapped.” She’s had some level of awareness of the financial journey my husband and I have been on over the years and so she added the following statement: “I’d love to be in your position with money and have that much freedom.”

DING DING DING!!!! I said “well it’s taken a lot of focused and intentional work, but it’s been worth every bit. I’m always more than happy to share my process with you and help you get started.” She asked for my help and said with her 40th birthday just a few months away, she’s finally ready to tackle her relationship with money and make it work for her instead of the other way around!

I’m grateful for both my money failures and successes along the way that give me an ability to connect with the experiences of others who cross my path; and I’m so excited to be in a position today, to help someone close to me change their life and their future!


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