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Let me introduce myself...

Happy Monday! I’m Amber, and I’m #obsessedwithmybudget! I started this blog as a way to transparently connect with a community of like-minded, budget conscious, financial freedom seeking individuals (which is far different than my personal life community).

  • My husband and I were (rival) high school sweethearts and are celebrating 20 years together and 12 years of marriage this September (2019)!

  • We have one beautiful 5 yo daughter. We found out we were miraculously pregnant with her the week before we were supposed to begin hormone treatments for IUI.

  • My husband taught me everything he knew about budgeting when we first got married and turned the finances over to me early on. I discovered my love for numbers, math, and #budgeting along the way (after parting with some die hard bad habits).

  • Over the first 6 years of our marriage we spent/borrowed a total of $133,022 in consumer debt (my bachelor’s, my master’s, his truck, my SUV, and my stupid credit card).

  • In 2015 we sold our first home and used the profits to finally become “practically debt free”. We paid off all remaining student loans (approx $33k) and for some silly reason, we put the rest of our money in savings instead of paying off the $16k we owed on my SUV (we pulled the trigger in January 2019 and paid it off).

  • We currently live and rent in San Diego but built/bought a home in Idaho in 2017 and hope to one day call Idaho “home”. We love being landlords and the out of state rental works for us for now.

  • We listened to #daveramsey for a long time, but didn’t follow any #babysteps until after we became officially consumer #debtfree in January 2019, which means we started out in Baby Steps 4/5/6. We plan to have the Idaho mortgage paid off by August 2020.

  • We LOVE Jesus and we REALLY enjoy coffee and wine.

Welcome, and thanks for being here!


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